Quick Fire Round Speed Bingo

If you are in a rush and fancy a quick game then Speed Bingo is the game for you!! Open 24 hours a day! Speed Bingo Room is the 90 ball bingo room for those who love their bingo snappy! And with a ball called every second, you could win before you know it!!


The Fast Fun Jackpot

The Fast Fun Jackpot is our fastest bingo jackpot and you can win it today by playing bingo in our Speed Bingo Room and getting a Full House in under 38 calls!

Worth £500 this jackpot will be a magnificent prize for anyone – even the banker!

In our Speed Bingo Room the bingo numbers are being called once a second and with only two and a half minutes between games you could be £500 richer before you know it! This jackpot is refreshed at the speed of light, so once won it will be topped up and back in action quicker than you can say Noel Edmonds.

Speed Demon Jackpot

Exclusive to our Speed Bingo Room is the Speed Demon jackpot! Hit a Full House in under 29 calls and this jackpot is all yours! And because its only available in the Speed Bingo room it’s one of our fastest jackpots!

With a new number called every second it could only take you just 29 seconds to win this jackpot – that could be the quickest £43,350 anybody’s ever won!