Deal or No Deal Bingo Room

Deal or No Deal 90 ball is a bingo room with a winning difference, it offers 4 prizes and is open 24 hours a day!

Play now for your chance to answer Deal or No Deal and spank the banker!

Our Deal or No Deal Bingo Room gives each player one of the 22 identical sealed boxes at the beginning of each game, randomly allocating one of 90 bingo balls along with a cash value to the other 21 boxes.

During the bingo game each time a ball is drawn that has a box attached, its value will be revealed and removed from the Deal or No Deal prize board.
Just like on the TV show itself!

The full house winner will then receive a phone call from the banker making an offer for their box based on the final board. To give the full house winner a hand their fellow Roomies will vote Deal or No Deal. The game ends with the winners answer and seeing if they did in fact beat the banker!

The Progressive Jackpot…

This progressive jackpot is won by the Full House winner uncovering a special token in their box, they then receive 50% of the progressive jackpot which currently stands at 16,810. The rest of the players who staked in the game will receive a portion of the remaining 50% (portion is based on the number of tickets players have purchased during the game), meaning it truly is not just the winning that counts, but also the taking part!