Deal or No Deal 75 Ball

Calling all Pilgrims! You’re going to love our 75 Bingo!

In addition to the standard 75 bingo game prizes there will be a Deal or No Deal feature prize available to the Full House winner!

In our brand new 75 ball Deal or No Deal room you are able to combine the fun of Deal or No Deal bingo along with the 75 bingo game format! There are 22 boxes with varying bonus amounts in each, one of which is chosen at random to become the Players box.

The remaining 21 boxes open to reveal a number from 1-75 allocated at random and the game plays through as a standard 75 ball game. When a ball is drawn it’s corresponding box will open to reveal an amount from the prize board. That amount will then disappear from the prize board.

When the full house is won the winner is then offered an amount by the banker. All players who have purchased a ticket for the draw will then have 10 seconds to vote on whether the player should accept the Bankers offer or not. The votes are counted and revealed as a percentage to the player who won the full house.

The Full House winner’s in the Jackpot winning game will receive a share of 50% of the Jackpot prizeplus their share of the remaining 50% based on the number of tickets they have purchased. The remaining 50% is split proportionately amongst the other players who have bought tickets for that game and all winnings are credited automatically!